On behalf of the Woodruff Adventist Church family, welcome!

We believe each person is a child of the Father, which makes all of us brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Holy Spirit helps us to be a real family, and whenever we get together, can you guess what we do?

We rest, fellowship, worship, serve, study, teach, preach, baptize, commune, listen, encourage, pray, and praise.

All for one mission: to tell the whole world that Jesus is coming back soon to take us home to heaven!

We look forward to meeting you.

In Christ, Pastor Roosevelt Marsden

P.S. Remember, Jesus invites us to rest on the Sabbath.  So instead of meeting on Sundays, our church family meets on Saturdays at the beautiful building above. But don't forget that's not the church. You are. I am. We are.

10:00 am: Sabbath School (Saturdays) Small Group Bible Study time for children and adults

11:30 am: Sabbath Worship Service (Saturdays)

12:45 pm: Monthly Fellowship Potluck Lunch (2nd Saturday of the month)

7:00 pm: Mid-week Meeting (Tuesdays) Bible study, prayer, fellowship.